The Petrus Peregrinus' wheel
created on 23 Jun 1997 - JLN Labs - updated on 04-05-01

The Peregrinus' wheel uses conversion of the magnetic energy of a magnet to kinetic energy with the gravitational field for regauging. The regauging effect is possible with this device and we should be able to build an open system for ZPE energy like a water wheel......

The Peregrinus' wheel device is based on the work on basic magnetism in 1269 of Pierre de Maricourt, commonly called Petrus Peregrinus.

"He owes his surname to the village of Maricourt, in Picardy, and the appellation Peregrinus, or Pilgrim, to his having visited the Holy Land as member of one the crusading expeditions of the time.

...In the course of his work over the new motor, Peregrinus was gradually led to consider the more fascinating problem of perpetual motion itself with the result that he showed, at least diagrammatically, and to his own evident satisfaction, how a wheel might be driven round forever by the power of magnetic attraction."

Ref doc. : " The letter of Petrus Peregrinus ' ON THE MAGNET, AD.D. 1269 ', translated by Brother Arnold, M.Sc. Principal of La Salle Institute, Troy with Introductory notice by Brother Potamian, D.Sc, professor of Physics in Manhattan College, New York "

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