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The Reed'motor - R&D by JL Naudin/M.David

created on 03-10-98 - JLN Labs - last update on 03-10-98

The main mechanism in the Reed's motor, can be explained like this :

The aluminum sheets has the purpose to reverse the Lenz Law effect and by this way to create an asymmetrical flow of magnetic energy which produce a continous torque on the rotor.

1) The aluminum sheet is placed in front of the stator magnets ( in the Rotor/Stator gap). When the magnet of the rotor is far from the magnet of the stator, a constant magnetic field flow in the aluminum sheet, (No flux variation = No Lenz law induction)

2) When the rotor approach the stator, the magnetic flux in the aluminum sheet tend to COLLAPSE, due to the repulsive polarities of the magnets. This effect CREATE A MAGNETIC FIELD in the aluminum sheet (Foucault currents). This magnetic field has the reverse polarity of the magnet pole of the rotor. For Instance, if the Rotor/Stator are in N-N, the magnetic field created in the aluminum sheet is in S-N polarity.

3) By this way the EM Field created in the aluminum sheet by the rotor APPROACH tend to REDUCE THE REPULSION or in the best case ATTRACT the rotor during the APPROACH PHASE, thus this give it more kinetic energy...

The magnetic flux density in the aluminum sheet at the null zone

4) When the rotor LEAVE the stator, the process is reversed, the magnetic field in the aluminum sheet tend to INCREASE because the magnets are in repulsion. A counter magnetic field is created to oppose to this increase and by this way a N-S pole appear in the aluminum sheet.....The REPULSIVE FORCE IS STRONGER DURING THE EXIT PHASE......

To summarize the main principle used in this motor :
- The use of aluminum sheet is very important, because this is a mean for reversing the Lenz law effect.
- During the approach phase of the rotor on the stator, the repulsive is reduced while the during the exit phase of the rotor the repulsive force is increase.
- This resulting effect create an ASYMMETRICAL TORQUE on the Rotor and is able to generate a CONTINUOUS ROTATION OF THE MOTOR USING ONLY THE ENERGY OF THE PERMANENT MAGNETS......

The tuning is very accurate because the null zone must be located exactly in the aluminum sheet for magnifying the main effect. The ratio between the rotor speed, the aluminum sheets position in the air gap and also the proportion (surface, thickness) of these aluminum sheets must be very precise...

Today this is only a proposal and this explanation need to be verified experimentaly.

Jean-Louis Naudin (on March 10, 1998)
(Thanks to M. David for his very helpful support about this project)

See also the Reed's motor diagrams and pictures

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