The Quantum Magnetic Motor Project

Tests and Design by Jean-Louis Naudin/M.David

created on 02/26/98 - JLN Labs - last update on 03/27/98

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The new QMM Mk10 - under tests (with NIB magnets)

The QMM Mk10 with the top cover removed

Tests Reports by Jean-louis Naudin

For the tuning, I have added an external powered DC motor, the rotor speed is measured with a hall probe and an oscilloscope.

(03-21-98) Tests report :

The turn speed with the external powered motor is 1600 RPM without magnets 1,2,3,4. When I add the magnets #1, #2 and then after the magnets #3 and the #4 the speed does not change significantly and also the power input for poweering the tuning motor. I have checked many different setups (air gap/ offset angle of the stator magnets, different magnets strength....) and I have always unfortunately the speed remain constant......The turn speed is measured with an external hall probe and the oscilloscope, this give me a precise measurement, for instance when I insert an 6mm aluminum sheet I can see on the scope the pulse periode increased quickly, this shows that the speed of the motor drops also quickly due to the eddy currents induced in the aluminum sheet......The NN and SS air gap is 20mm and the rotor has 110mm diam, magnets are NIB (27Mgoe) 22mm diam and 10mm thick. the main shaft is mounted on balls bearings. The actual tests has been conducted without the aluminum sheets and their brackets.

(03-27-98) Tests report :

The speed was measured with the hall probe, and the QMM has been tested with differents magnets configuration according to the "Preliminary adjustements" procedure above.

1N : with the stator magnet #1 (North-North)

1N2S : with the stator magnet #1 (North-North) and the stator magnet #2 (South-South)

1N2S3N : the magnet #1 (North-North), the magnet #2 (South-South) and the magnet #3 (North-North)

1N2S3N4S : the magnet #1 (North-North), the magnet #2 (South-South), the magnet #3 (North-North) and the magnet #4 (South-South)

The distance between the rotor N-N and the rotor S-S was 7" (17.8cm) according to the latest advice from Nelson Camus about the main design.

Some adjustements about the airgap between the repulsive magnets and the offset angles has also been conducted. Unfortunately has you can see in the worksheet below the speed was constant...

Tests are not yet finished, the adjustments of the QMM Mk10 must be very precise and with the NIB magnets the working area seems very hard to find. Nelson has said to me that his first tuning phase has needed up to three months....

More to come soon.....

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