The Quantum Magnetic Motor Project

Tests and Design by Jean-Louis Naudin

created on 02/10/98 - JLN Labs - last update on 02/26/98

The QMM Mk9 is the second model of the Reed's motor built by JL Naudin, this model has been built only for a better understanding of the main principle. This motor uses small ferrite magnets and it is powered by a small driver coil controled by a hall sensor, by this means it is possible to measure precisely the speed variation of external parameters like aluminum sheets, air gap and offset position of the stator magnets.

(03-06-98) Tests results:

- When aluminum sheets are inserted in the air gap, the eddy currents induced drops the speed of the motor.

- When two NIB magnets are used as stator magnets in the North/North side the speed increase from 770 RPM to 850 RPM....This is the first interesting effect observed, but the increase of the speed is not sufficient to overcome the mechanical frictions, thus the self-running mode can be obtain with this model.

Next step, the new enhanced motor design: The QMM Mk10 blueprints and construction details

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