Poynting Flow Thruster v3.0
Towards the deep space...
By Jean-Louis Naudin
created on August 29th, 1999 - JLN Labs - Last update August 30th, 1999

The PFT v3.0 is a working mock-up of a new generation of spacecraft which uses the motion of an asymmetrical Poynting Flow for generating a thrust. The PFT v3.0 uses the main principle of the PFT propulsion for generating a horizontal thrust. The purpose of this mock-up is to study the integration of a PFT thruster in the hull for building a new generation of spacecraft. The vertical thruster has not been yet implemented for separating the effects. The next version of the PFT will uses a Dynamic Vector Potential with a special shaped magnetic field for generating the main vertical thrust.

The PFT effect has been already fully demonstrated with the basic PFT v1.0 experiment.

Experimental setup: The PFT v3.0 uses two asymmetrical capacitors integrated in a dome shaped hull. The dielectric hull has been partially covered by two aluminum sheets on the upper and the inner surface so as to build the armature of the condensers. Each foil has been connected two by two on each side by an insulated wire. The apparatus has been tethered horizontaly with nylon wires on a specialy balanced equipement. The two inner aluminum foils have been connected to the +30 kV DC generator through a thin copper wire and the two upper foils have been connected to 0 Volt. The asymmetry of the capacitors has been done with the asymmetrical position of the wire connected to the foils and placed on the right in the detailled pictures below. The edges of the foils have been covered by an adhesive rubber for reducing significantly the parasitic effect of the ion wind. The leakage current neccessary for sustaining the transient charge can been done through the thin copper wire attached. Without a leakage current the S-Flow can't run continuously because the capacitors remains charged ( permanent state ). If the motion of the S-Flow vanish this kill the thrust. In a full scale PFT this can been done by some special dielectric material with a weak intrinsic leakage current.

.Tests Results (08-29-99) : When the +30kV DC High Voltage generator is switched on, the PFT v3.0 begins to set in motion and continues to turn continuously ( see below, the video of the demonstration ). Now, the purpose is to enhance the effect by using an additional magnetic field and special dielectric with a bigger relaxation time.

The next version of the PFT will use a Dynamic Vector Potential with a special shaped magnetic field for generating the main vertical thrust.

RealVideo of the PFT v3.0 demonstration 1 with comments (360kb)

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