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created on 10/17/97 - JLN Labs - last update on 10/18/97

From: (Stefan Hartmann)
Subject: Easy overunity demonstration circuit !
I had to today the idea, when I spoke with Dieter Bauer,
that an overunity demonstration circuit could very easily be build:
Take the circuit from Jean Louis in our proof of overunity article:
and replace the load resistor R8 with a 12 Volts 20 Watts halogen lamp.
Then use a bigger bifilar coil and power it with the 12 Volts
When you have the right spikes like in the scope pics in our article, 
you will see that
the input power to reach the same light output will be much less
than if you power the 12 Volts halogen lamp directly 
with just using the battery via DC input current!
This way, maybe you will need just only 10 Watts input power to power the 20 Watts lamp.
This way, it could be very easy proved, that the additional energy is generated
by the switched big interweaved coils !
When I have more time I will also try it soon.
Regards, Stefan Hartmann.

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