The Nicolay Zaev Generator

A Simulated model by Jean-Louis Naudin

Created on 10-25-98 - JLN Labs - Last update 10-28-98

In this document I have tried to simulate with the Microcap V electronic software simulator, the basic functionning of the Zaev's generator. This device use a nonlinear capacitor as C1. The Clock ( a square wave generator ) is used for the control of the switches SW1 and SW2 which handle the Charge/Discharge sequence of the capacitor C1.

You may download the MC 5.20 model ( 8kb) and test by yourself this circuit

The first diagram above, shows the integral of power I/O with respect to T (Time in ms):

You main notice that the red curve is always above the blue curve, this demonstrate that the total energy output will be always greater than the energy (COP>1) delivered by the power supply ("vgen" in the diagram).

The second diagram shows the current flow accross the Rinput and the Rload during the charge/discharge sequence of the nonlinear capacitor C1.

This model seems to be in agreement with the principle claimed and observed by Nicolay Zaev. Now, the main objective is to find a kind of nonlinear capacitor for building working generator.....

Jean-louis Naudin

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