New Searl Effect Generator
A part of the Poynting Flow Thruster project
By Jean-Louis Naudin/Dave Squires
created on September 28th, 1999 - JLN Labs - Last update September 28th, 1999

Proposed New SEG Type Design

This design is based on the ExBxS relationship where the Poynting S-vector imbalance causes and sustains the motion of the rollers.
It is an extension of Jean-Louis Naudin's PFT MK2 high voltage capacitive electrostatic motor.

Instead of the center ring rotating the rollers move around the ring using the same S-vector force. The B-field comes from the magnets. The E-field comes from the pre-stressed and precharged dielectric (electret). A slight movement of the rollers should get them moving and accelerating. No special magnetic patterns are required if the ExBxS vector relationship is valid as proven by the PFT MK2 motor.

This has not been built and tested yet. It is only a design proposal based on current findings and experiments done by Jean-Louis Naudin.

Dave Squires - 9-27-99

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