Experimenter's Tests Feedback
11:52 AM
Subject: The PFT engine Photos
mcpherbn@mail.austasia.net (Neil McPherson)

Dear Jean Louis.

Here are the photos of my variations of your PFT motor experiments, all powered by 28kv.

Model 1: The 4 can model has a central rotating aluminium cylinder, this cylinder is coated with 2 layers of .5mm thick plastic sheet. There are 4 fixed and uncoated outer aluminium cylinders, number 1 and 3 are positive, number 2 and 4 negative. When powered the central cylinder rotates at very high speed clockwise or anticlockwise.

Model 2: The 2 can model has a 2cm wide central rotating cylinder. This cylinder is plastic with 2 layers of aluminium tape around the circumference and 2 slightly wider layers of .5mm plastic over that. The 2 fixed outer aluminium cylinders are uncoated (1positive, 2 negative). This model will also run from the Van De Graaff machine and will run without a normal earth!! If I touch the negative cylinder with a 1metre long wooden stick, it earth's through the stick to my body or some other large mass and spins very nicely in either direction. For further information refer to JLN PFT motors.

Good experimenting.                                                                                  Neil McPherson.

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