Experimenter's Tests Feedback
11:17 PM
Subject: Success
mcpherbn@mail.austasia.net (Neil McPherson)

Dear Jean-Louis, I Have replicated your EHD flying saucer v1.O,and the Tri-Arcuate ship simulation with moderate success .Also I have replicated the EHD-Engine v1.0 with outstanding results .I replaced your copper ring annular electrode with strips of magnesium with some improvement I believe' !!!.
AT The moment I am fooling around with accelerating and decelerating rotating fields .
Will let you know how it goes.....
Thanks for your information and inspiration ,
From the land down under,

Neil McPherson

The EHD engine is a 12cm diameter cone made from 2 layers of aluminium foil and positively charged to 28kv. The annualar or earthed electrode is a 3mm wide magnesium strip connected to the cone by cardboard.The 28kv power sorce is from an old computer monitor.The engine speed is approx .4m metres per second.

These are all replica's of JL Naudin's devices execpt on the EHD craft, I use a magnesium strip instead of copper wire. For detailed specifications see JLN labs website. Be careful when using these electrical devices.

I will keep in touch,

All the best Neil McPherson.

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