The Transdimensional's Lifter Calculation
By Myke Ady
created on October 25th, 2001 - JLN Labs - Last update October 26th, 2001
All informations in this page are published free and are intended for private/educational purposes and not for commercial applications

The Lifter's Thrust Calculator
based on the Mike Ady calculation by JL Naudin
last update 10-25-01
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Surrounding medium specifications

eo -permittivity of free space (coul/Vm) :
er – relative permittivity of medium (1.0 for air or vacuum) :
g - gravitational acceleration constant of Earth (m/s^2) :

Asymmetrical capacitor specifications

w - the width of the plate, the lenght of the wire ( mm ) :
a - distance from wire to leading edge of the plate ( mm ):
b - distance from wire to trailing edge of the plate ( mm ):
m - weight of plate, wire and supports ( g ) :

Power supply specification

V - voltage between wire and plate ( V ) :

F - Total thrust :

Accel - Acceleration of Lifter craft :

See also : The Lifter Thrust Calculations proposal by Steve Burns ( Updated 10-25-2001 )

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