Possible change of the dielectric permittivity around the Lifter
By Jean-Louis Naudin
created on October 15, 2002 - JLN Labs - created on October 16, 2002
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The purpose of this test is to check if there is a possible modification of the permittivity of a dielectric around a Lifter in action.

Experimental setup : I have used the Lifter v2.0 powered with a fully ungrounded HV power supply with NiCad batteries.

The probe used is a MKS polypropylen 220 nF/1000V capacitor fixed on a wooden rod.
The capacitor used as a probe is connected through a coaxial cable and placed at 450 mm from a digital capacimeter.
The capacimeter itself is fully ungrounded, never in contact with the operator and self-powered with its own battery .
Above, the measured capacitance is initially C = 227 nF

Preliminaries tests results (10-15-02) : The measured capacitance of the probe near the aluminum plate of the Lifter in action is C = 225 nF.
The drop of 2 nF of the capacitance of the capacitor placed near the Lifter in action is very interesting. This drop is fully reproducible between each measurements. This change of the capacitance can be explained by a possible modification of the permittivity of the dielectric.

Today, on Oct 16th, 2002, I think that there is 95% of chance that this is only a simple measurement artifact but the 5% remaining worth to be explored.... The RLC meter can be fooled by the ionised flow along the aluminum plate which produces strong EM interferences in the digital equipement. So, today, I need to find another method/mean for measuring the capacitance change and thus the dielectric permittivity.

More deeper measurements must soon be done...

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