The Lifter1 replicated successfully
by Jung-Seo Park ( Seoul, Korea )

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Sujet : UFO's come true!!! 
Date : 03/01/2002 16:23:04
De : Jung-Seo Park ( Seoul, Korea )
A :
Envoyé via Internet

Dear Jean-Louis Naudin

I was impressed deeply by your great work!!!
So, I tried the replication experiment.

I used the lifter1 design. And I made the about 40kV HV power supply using by 15kV, 20mA neon transformer and voltage doubler circuit. The resistor used in the circuit in order to prevent arc disahrge between two electrodes on the lifter1.

The experiment was successful and I'm very pleasure!!
I'll send you more results later.

Sincerely yours.

Happy new year everyone!!!

Jung-Seo Park

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