The TdT Lifter1 replicated successfully
by Joao Andrade

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Sujet : [Lifters] Lifter1 replication 
Date : 05/11/01 18:15:19
De : Joao Andrade 
A :
Envoyé via Internet

Dear Jean Louis and All,      

I've successfully completed the Lifter1 replication. I've used a HV power supply designed by myself that worked well for the lifter1, but needs to be perfected, since it produces pulse instead of the sinusoidal waves. The pulses period is around 35 uSecs, and the width is around 6uSecs. (See the attached schematic). I was not able to measure the voltage, but I estimate it to be in excess of 40K, since sometimes sparks were able to jump from de wire to the metallic foil. (really very big sparks). You can see in the schematic, that I've used the mains outlet as power source. This is rather unconventional approach, but worked fine. It produced 170 VDC, rooted to the flyback primary through a 220 ohms 5W resistor. The BU208A run cool all time long, as well as the 220 ohms resistor. The 10K potentiometer is fundamental to adjust the point of operation of the BU-208A. 

In spite of the very fast pulses, the lifter1 was able to fly, although a bit instable. I've repeated the simple tests for ion wind, and concluded that it is not the main reason for lift.

( ... )

Best regards,
Joao Andrade 

The measured HVPS's waveform.

Note from Joao Andrade : Using a digital ammeter, I've measured 250uA. This would give us 7.5W at 30KV.

Note from Jean-Louis Naudin : Be carefull, this power supply is connected directly to the power grid, so I recommend strongly to use an insulation transformer between the Power Grid and the HVPS.

See the video demonstration of Joao Andrade's Lifter1

To see the videos, the free downloadable RealPlayer is required

Click on the picture above to see the video ( 845 Kb )

Note from Jean-Louis Naudin : Congratulations to Joao Andrade for his successful replication of the TdT Lifter1. I shall be very glad to publish all successful Lifters replications in my web site so, don't hesitate to send me the photos, the diagrams and the videos of your experiments.

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