The Hamel Spinning Disc Experiment V3.0

11 March 97 - Jean-Louis Naudin

This device is based on Hamel magnetic motor demonstration but it use a simple ring ferrite magnet 135 mm outer diam. and 35 mm inner diam. with South pole upward and North pole DOWNWARD. The Hamel spinning disc is build with a ring magnet (outer diam.70 mm, inner diam. 33 mm, 8 mm thick) sticked on a 67 mm steel ball (490 gr weight) with south pole UPWARD. This experience must be executed on a hard and clean surface ( glass is better ).

Operation :

Take your magnetic gate in hands under the Hamel spinning device. The ring magnet start to spin VERY FAST with HIGH ENERGY like a top, if you tune correctly the distance between the magnetic gate and the ring magnet.The magnetic gate above must be tilted and slightly offset axially... poles arranged so the magnets attract, not repel.

Additional comment :

ALL THE TESTS of Hamel Spinning disc that I have done, STOP after few minutes in FIXED position.

As far as I am concerned, today, I think that the Hamel Spinning disc is a magnetic spin top device which uses PARAMETRIC EXCITATION BY HANDS to maintain its is spin. If you have the correct excitation frequency with YOUR HANDS you can obtain a VERY HIGH ENERGY SPIN with A LITTLE MOVEMENT OF YOUR HANDS. The energy induced with YOUR HAND is only to compensate the friction on the support. This is the reason why the device can run at very high speed on glass surface ( see my video on my web server ). In my video, it seems that my hand don't move, or have a very little movement Vs the High spin of the device ( 500 gr with high velocity = High spin momentum -> PARAMETRIC RESONANCE EFFECT ). We have the same thing in parametric oscillation in an electronic circuit.

Howeved, I have some thinking about the this experiment, I think that it will interesting to study if a magnetic vortex would be generated along the axis main axis...This is only speculations today but if the magnetic field move with the originate source (the spinning top), that is possible due to the precession of the apparatus.... ( need to be verify )...

( For more informations about "magnetic gate" see at : John Bedini's Magnetic Gate )

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