The Hamel Spinning Disc Experiment V2.0

10 March 97 - Jean-Louis Naudin

This device is based on Hamel magnetic motor demonstration. The Magnetic gate is build with 13 ferrite magnets 40x25x10 mm sticked outside a 100 mm PVC tube. The Hamel spinning disc is build with a ring magnet (outer diam.70 mm, inner diam. 33 mm, 8 mm thick) sticked on a 67 mm steel ball (490 gr weight).

Operation :

Take your magnetic gate in hands under the Hamel spinning device. The ring magnet start to spin fast like a top, if you tune correctly the distance between the magnetic gate and the ring magnet.The magnetic gate above must be tilted and slightly offset axially... poles arranged so the magnets attract, not repel.

Comments :

I can keep it spinning by moving and tilting the upper assy slowly from side to side. This changes the force vector to one side of the ring/ball and precession takes over. This MANUAL ALTERATION (with hands !!) of the force vector and precession is the reason of the result spin. If you put the magnetic gate in a fixed position, the Hamel spinner disc begin to spin but stops after a short time.......

( For more informations about "magnetic gate" see at : John Bedini's Magnetic Gate )

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