Electromechanical controlled Lifter
by John Rigg

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Sujet : Lifter #4 test balance control 
Date : 10/03/2003 22:05:19 Paris, Madrid
De : John Rigg ( Elk WA. USA )
A : JNaudin509@aol.com
Envoyé via Internet

Hi, John Rigg here in Elk WA. USA

On my 4th Lifter I decided to try a electro mechanical control idea to see if a balance system could be built , so as to remove the 3 tether lines.

I failed in this respect but was able to control the balance of the lifter. I isolated the 12 outside lifter cells foil sections and brought them to a center commutator area. I then humg a foil disc that was grounded. The idea was that if the lifter tipped to the left for example the foil disc pendulum would move closer to the foil commutator and supply more ground to the lifter cells on the side that was lowest. This did and does work you can control the outside cells and use then as balance thrusters, the problem is with the simplistic foil disc pendulum. It has no damping so it will swing all over the place once placed in motion, so the lifter looked allot like a childs top just before it falls over. But again I was able to control the thruster cells and that was the
main goal.

I have attached pictures of the lifter commutator area and a ANAGLYPH picture (3d, red/blue glasses required) of the ship lifted with the balance control parts removed and out side cells grounded. NASA uses 3d anaglyphs as I'm sure you know as it is a good way to show depth, the Mars explorer is a good example, and moon rock pictures that can be found on the web. There is a link for free glasses on my site or you can get them at most any comic book shop.

You can see other lifter pictures at my web site.

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