The E.H.D. Flying Saucer v3.0

By Jean-Louis Naudin
created on April 20, 1999 - JLN Labs - Last update April 20, 1999

This version is an enhanced version of the EHD-Flying Saucer v2.0 that I have experimented previously.
The purpose of this device is to study the influence of the E-Field Shaping electrode (the cupola), so I have designed this new model below.

The main E-Field shaping aluminum electrode of the EHD-FS v3.0 is composed of two sections, the first section has a high curvature and the second part a low curvature. The purpose of this setup is to find how to increase the speed of the medium (Air/Aether) along the arcuate eletrode (the cupola). A higher medium speed on this surface increase the hydrostatic pressure difference between the upper surface and the inner surface and thus the lifting thrust by an adapted profile.

Tests results :
The new arcuate E-Field shaping electrode of the EHD-FS v3.0 has shown that the lifting thrust was a bit less than the v2.0, but the translation speed has been significantly increased (see the video). It seems that there are two effects. The first effect is the lifting thrust generated by the high curvature of the first section (the center section) of the cupola. The second effect is generated by the low curvature of the second section of the cupola, this seems to create a radial flow, this can be used easily for steering the device (for horizontal translation) by handling the asymmetry of the radial flow.

RealVideo of the EHD-FS v3.0 flight

( if you don't have the RealPlayer 5.0, you may download it freely at : )

For more informations about the setup of the experiment, see also the EHD-FS v1.0

Notes from Jean-Louis Naudin : WARNING !! this experiment uses High Voltages (25kV), use EXTREME CAUTION, always discharge and disconnect the power supply before touch it.

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