A Successful working Lifter1
by Carsten Spanheimer ( Germany )

created on April 22, 2002 - JLN Labs - Last update May 3, 2002
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Sujet : Another lifter 1 replication 
Date : 22/04/2002 12:14:39 Paris, Madrid
De : Carsten Spanheimer ( Germany )
A : JNaudin509@aol.com

Dear M. Naudin,

On april, the 21st, 2002 I had my successful replication of the lifter 1 experiment. The lifter hovered very stable.
The HV supply was made with a 14 inch color monitor.
Here I send you three photos of my lifter 1 replication experiments. There are some more, but these are the essential ones.

With best regards,

Carsten Spanheimer, Tuebingen, Germany.

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