The Lifter1 replicated successfully
by Cristian Marinescu

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Sujet : [jlnlabs] lifter...another replication 
Date : 12/10/01 09:57:59
De : Cristian Marinescu
A :
Envoyé via Internet

Last night I replicated the experiment and the results are very spectacular.I used version 1 of the lifter and is no doubt about the effect.

I did 2 tests:

1. regarding the change of polarity between wire and aluminium foil and is a little but observing diferrence...when (+) is attachet to the wire the lifting force is biger.
2. ion wind test : by insulating the wire from the foil with a plastic sheet.The lift is not affected by this action.

I also agree to the ideea of tring some varied shapes of the lifter to obtain the best configuration .

Best regards,

Cristian Marinescu

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