The "Comprehensive Lifter Simulator" - A Freeware software by Blaze Electronic Lab (c) 2002
Courtesy of Saviour - Last Update : October 29th, 2002

A very usefull engineering tool ( Freeware ) has been developped by Saviour from Blaze Electronic Lab, this is "The Comprehensive Lifter Simulator". The theorical datas computed done by this software are very close to the experimental results and can be used for engineering your Lifters. You will find below a screen copy of the computed results about the Lifter "Coliseum".

To download free "The Comprehensive Lifter Simulator" ( for PC under windows ), just click on the picture below.

This software for PC computer ( Windows ) can be also downloaded at the Blaze Electronic Lab web site at :

Compare yourself the computed datas with the experimental results about the Lifter "Coliseum" :

The 90 g Lifter "Coliseum" with 40 g of payload

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