A Successful Y-Lifter
by Carl Bellmann ( USA )

created on June 17, 2002 - JLN Labs - Last update June 17, 2002
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Sujet : Controlled Flight 
Date : 07/06/2002 19:10:11 Paris, Madrid
De : Carl Bellman ( USA)
A : JNaudin509@aol.com
Envoyé via Internet

Hello everybody,

My name is Carl Bellmann Jr. and I'm from the USA, Edgerton Ohio. Well I have thank Jean-Louis for sharing the knowledge and insite with us and the world. To me the lifter projects are very exciting with prospects possibly beyond imagine. I first built the basic lifter then other variations of my own design that didn't work so good.

Towards controlled flight was my next goal, and it was achieved 5-14- 02 with what I call the Y-liter, because that's what it looks like. The first part of it's design was to have three wings with the alum. foil separated between each one.The emitter wire remains at full power while varying the ground to each wing, which is really three wings, it first was only two with the emitter centered above. It didn't lift itself so I added the third centered wing and it lifted and controlled very well. I am now building a balance beam to optimize a wing design. Then to make a lifter that will lift it's own power supply. Russell's 2 meter BeamShip shows me, that it can be done.

Y-Lifter specs

Weight : 8 grams
Each wing 190mm long
16mm spacing between wings
95mm tall 
power aprox. 30 kv (old 19inch magnavox color tv)

The height of the flight is only about a foot because I had it restrained with the ground wires.That would be the safe limit until I build a better control as I let it go
higher once and it about hit me(didn't get that on video). It can't be seen in the video but the positive lead is supported by my cherry picker hook and has about three spirals in it down too the top of the lifter. In the one clip you can see my hand holding the plastic tube with ground wire attached to a brass cabinet knob. The ground wires from the lifter are connected to three brass eyes screwed to the inside pcv fitting oriented to my Y-lifter.   

Happy Flying;

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