The ARDA v1.0 - Closed loop test
Advanced Reduced Drag Aircraft
By Jean-Louis Naudin
created on June 20th, 1999 - JLN Labs - Last update June 20th, 1999

The purpose of this experiment is to prove that the EHD system can also act as propulsion engine. The previous experiment of the ARDA wing v1.0 has only been tested along a short run ( only 275 degrees ) due to the lack of free of space in the lab. So, today, I have built up a new wider setup which allows a full free multi-turns run.

The ARDA Flying wing v1.0 is now able to fly freely for many turns tethered on a specialy balanced equipement (see below). The 30kV DC High Voltage generator has been placed under a wooden table just under the rotation axis. The EHD wing system is the same as used previously (see the ARDA Flying Wing v1.0 )

Tests Results : When the +30kV DC High Voltage generator is switched on, the wing begins to accelerate quickly and continues to turn at high speed. This proves definitely this EHD system can reduce significantly the air drag (negative air drag) but also act as a propulsion engine. (see the video below).

RealVideo of the ARDA v1 in closed loop test

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