Advanced Reduced Drag Aircraft
By Jean-Louis Naudin
created on August 5h, 2001 - JLN Labs - Last update August 25th, 2001

The ARDA flying wing Mk V is a mockup used for validating the flight model in real conditions. On July 17th, 2001, the ARDA wing has been tested successfully without engine ( as a pure R/C glider ).

Notes from JL Naudin : I have really enjoyed to pilot the ARDA mk5 flying wing during these series of tests done in July 2001. The flight of the ARDA mk5 is purely Magic for the eyes !!!... The wing flies at high speed without noise comparing to a common glider, it is highly manoeuvrable with a wide flight envelope. I have choosen the yellow color in memory of the wonderful Northrop N-9M ...

See the VIDEOS of the ARDA mk5 tests flights

click on this picture to see the videos of the flights
Click on the picture above to see the videos

After this sucessful validation phase of the flight model, a new larger model, which will use the EHD propulsion system ( based on the Biefeld-Brown effect), is planned ...

ARDA Project planning :

ARDA mk5 ( an UAV glider, 1.65 m wingspan ) :
- Flights Tests successful on July 17th, 2001
ARDA mk8 "N9-M" ( twin electric engines UAV, 2 m wingspan ) :
Flights Tests successful on August 25th, 2001

ARDA mk9 ( The UAV/EHD demonstrator , 4 m wingspan ) :
- 1st test flight scheduled for May 2002 ( may be earlier.. )

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