The Lifter1 replicated successfully
by Andrejs Pukitis ( Latvia , Lettonia )

created on January 8, 2002 - JLN Labs - Last update January 8, 2002
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Sujet : Lifter replication 
Date : 08/01/2002 09:21:27
De : Andrejs Pukitis ( Latvia , Lettonia )
A :
Envoyé via Internet

Dear Jean-Louis

I am sending to you pictures of Lifter 1 replica.
Experiment was succesfull. At first there was problems with discharge between electrodes, but after aplying oil on the wire and foil edge discharges stoped.

Lifter specification:

Edge length 150mm
Weight 1.4g
Height 100mm
Foil width 40mm
Distance between wire and foil edge 33mm
Wire diam. 0.25mm
Supports made from balsa
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Best regards

Andrejs Pukitis
Latvia (Lettonia)

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