The Asymmetrical Capacitor Thruster v2.0
By Jean-Louis Naudin
created on November 18th, 2001 - JLN Labs - Last update November 22th, 2001
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This experiment is the continuation of the NASA Asymmetrical Capacitor Thruster ( ACT ) tests, that I have started on Nov 18, 2001 ( see the previous tests ). The first version was the closest setup and design to the original version tested by Transdimensionnal Technologies at the Marshall Space Flight Center.

Today, for going further, I have tried to increase the thrust by using a bigger and lighter Asymmetrical Capacitor Thruster....

ACT v1.0 : The first working design specification was :

ACT v2.0 : The new design specifications are :

The photo below shows the two versions of the ACT units :

Experiment : I have used the same rotating apparatus and the same High Voltage generator for conducting this test.

The two asymmetrical capacitors are made with an aluminum tube, a Polystyrene "Roofmat" cylinder for the dielectric and an aluminum disk.
The capacitors are fixed on a 440 mm diameter frictionless rotor, and the HV is sent through the main rotation axis.

TESTS RESULTS ( 11-22-01 ) :

When the HV power supply is switched on, the ACT v2.0 doesn't want to rotate in spite of the High Voltage sent ( up to the spark ). I have noticed only a tiny motion ( about 10 ) during the power up.

WHY is the thrust so weak ?, there are some possible reasons which may explain this failure :

IMHO, I think that this weight of the new apparatus is responsible of this failure, there is less conductive material ( less conductive atoms ) subject to the Electrogravitics effect and thus, in spite of a bigger size of the capacitor, the thrust isn't sufficient to overcome the friction of the rotor.

May be also that the thickness of the tube, lower than in the original version, is responsible of this weak thrust.

The failure of the ACT v2.0 test is very interesting and gives me some valuable informations about the unknown working principles of the Asymmetrical Capacitor Thruster.....

See the video of ACT v2.0 tests

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