The Newman's Energy Machine

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11-18-98 - Back current flow measurement also confirmed by Stefan Hartmann

On June 26th, 1998 I have noticed that strong a continuous back current ( negative spikes of current ) was generated by my special commutator v1.4 (see NMac0629.htm )

Now, the new enhanced commutator V1.4 shows some interesting results. The I/O current flow from the power supply has been measured accross a 100 ohms resistor between the points A-C. You may notice that there are LESS POSITIVE CURRENT PULSES THAN NEGATIVE CURRENT PULSES as shown in the picture below. Today my power supply is not able to convert these negative spikes of current in reusable power, this will be done soon with a new enhanced power supply circuit. This negative current COME BACK TO THE POWER SUPPLY and this can explain why the original Newman's machine has been able to keep its battery charged. The negative current is FREE NEGATIVE POWER and you may notice in the pictures E and F that the negative current spikes in most case are bigger than the positive current spikes.

For obtaining the "noisy current" which produces the negative current , I have built new firing segments on the commutator (all the rest of the machine remains the same as the V1.0).
The firing segment (only one by turn) is made with an adhesive aluminum rubber (40mm wide). I have used emery paper for making a "noisy" surface on the firing segment. So, when the brushes pass above the segment this gives some bad contacts and by this way creates this "noisy" current. "

So today, on 11-18-98 Stefan Hartmann from Berlin has now confirmed again that this effect is real and reproducible :

Suj : Newman machine test pics and MPEGs Online !
Date: 18/11/98 16:19:16
From: (Stefan Hartmann)

Hi All,

I have now uploaded my recent test results from my Newman machine to my server at:

There are a few pics and MPEG movies.

The scope pics show the input current into the coil during operation of my Newman machine.
Note, that the center line on the scope is the ground position and that all current spikes go downward
and all normal input current goes upward.

The input current was sampled via a 10 Ohm shunt, so1 div= 50 mA and the timebase was set to 5.33 msec /div.

Note, that the negative cuurrent spikes always occured, when there was a spark at the commutator.

Without a spark, it did not occur !

So I think it is related to this hissing sound spark at the commutator.

Also just powering the coil via a spark gap produced these negative current pulses, so the real Newman effect is NOT the motor, but a big coil running on a "tuned hissing sound" spark gap !
This is related to the work of Correa and Tchernetskij, who have claimed, that there glow discharge can also be overunity.

Stefan Hartmann (email :

The back current spike measured by Stefan Hartmann


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