The Newman's Energy Machine

By JL Naudin/M.David

created on 06/12/98 - JLN Labs - last update on 06/25/98

06-24-98 - The new commutator design shows negative current coming from the coil to the power supply

Picture A: This is the voltage measured accross the coil, the turn speed is about 937 RPM and the firing voltage is 626V. You can notice the HIGH VOLTAGE ( greater than 1500V )induced in the coil by the rotating magnet during the "free run" phase.

Picture B: This is the magnified view of the voltage measured accross the coil. You may notice the STRONG BACK EMF generated by the firing pulse. There is also a "strange" damped wave generated during this BackEMF phase...Today, I can't explain this, may be this damped wave, superimposed to the backEMF, has been generated by the noisy pulse sent before.

Pictures C,D,E,F: This is the "Noisy current" passing through the coil. You may notice the HIGH negative current value generated. This negative current COME BACK TO THE POWER SUPPLY and this can explain why the original Newman's machine has been able to keep its battery charged. The negative current is FREE NEGATIVE POWER and you may notice in the pictures E and F that the negative current spikes in most case are bigger than the positive current spikes.

For obtaining the "noisy current" which produces the negative current , I have built new firing segments on the commutator (all the rest of the machine remains the same as the V1.0).
The firing segment (only one by turn) is made with an adhesive aluminum rubber (40mm wide). I have used emery paper for making a "noisy" surface on the firing segment. So, when the brushes pass above the segment this gives some bad contacts and by this way creates this "noisy" current.

I have been surprised that THERE IS NO SPARKS on the surface of the segment, in spite of the high voltage used. This is due to the short duration time of the pulses sent. These "noisy" pulses have a time duration lower than the time constant of the inductance (5 L/R) and by this way the current has no time to climb up in the coil, this is a kind of magnetic energy step charging....

New commutator : STRONG NEGATIVE CURRENT (06-25-98)

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