The Newman's Energy Machine

By JL Naudin/M.David

created on 06/12/98 - JLN Labs - last update on 06/21/98

06-21-98 - Additional comments from JL Naudin

In the two diagrams above you can see :

The first diagram shows three curves :

1-a) The
BLUE curve (the input current) is the real current flow INPUT measured accross a 100 ohms resistor connected in series with the coil.

1-b) The
RED curve (the "inductor charging" current) is the current needed for FILLING the COIL with magnetic energy while the voltage is maintained constant. The magnetic energy in the coil is Wm=0.5*L2 after 5*Tau = 5*L/R about 68 ms

1-c) The
GREEN curve (the "magnetomotive" current) is the current GENERATED by the rotation of the magnet through the coil. You may notice that the shape of the curve has the SAME shape than the voltage generated in the coil shown in the "free run" diagram. This confirms the fact that this current is the real "magnetomotive" current.

Today, I think personnaly that the best way to tap electrical power on the Newman's coil is to use the ENERGY CONVERSION PROCESS (ELECTRICAL -> MECHANICAL -> ELECTRICAL). The use of two different kinds of energy (ELECTRICAL/KINETIC) is needed for obtaining a good "REGAUGING" process and thus by this way, a good effciency....

The KEY to this type of machine is to "charge" the coil while producing mechanical work. By this way you will be able to pump "free energy".

Don't forget that IF you load the shaft of the machine for extracting usable power, this will slow the turn speed, so YOU NEED to readjust the pulses timing sequence. You must use an oscilloscope for monitoring the current/voltage input and adjust the pulse duration so that the current pulse will be the same as shown below.

So, I think that the best way to build a good electrical
overunity generator is to connect a conventional electrical generator on the main shaft of the Newman's Machine. This is the feeling that I have today....

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