The Newman's Energy Machine

By JL Naudin/M.David

created on 06/12/98 - JLN Labs - last update on 06/20/98

06-19-98 - Additional comments from JL Naudin

You will find the exact setup (angle and %) of my current working setup.
I have noticed that if you open the coil with very a few current flow in the coil, just before/after the zero crossing, you will get very strong sparks. This confirm the Stefan explanations. By this way you can have both a Motor and the Generator setup. Why ?, because the first part of the pulse convert all the magnetomotive energy into mechanical energy and the second part generate strong sparks which can be used for recharging the capacitor/battery as mentionned Stefan Hartmann.

For this test, I have rebuilt my commutator with better firing segments, so the adjustments can be more precise.

Now, I am able to tune finely the CUT OFF timing sequence when the current cross the zero. If the two brushes are correctly synchronized, the "Magnetomotive power" is sufficient to reverse the current. So the machine is now able to produce usefull mechanical power AND also recharge a few the capacitors/battery.

On left picture you see the VOLTAGE and the "apparent" CURRENT measured (the result of the current needed for charge of the inductance and the "Magnetomotive" current generated by the rotation of the magnet).

On the right picture you may notice the negative current sent to the capacitor/battery.

This today the best tuning that I have found....

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