TEST #4 : First test of a closed loop system with the GEGENE by "Romero UK"
created on 28 décembre, 2012 - JLN Labs - last update 3 Janvier 2013
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January 3, 2013 - TEST #4 : Here a very intersting test done with the GEGENE by "Romero UK". This is the first attempt of a closed loop generator by using a 350W GTI (Grid Tie Inverter) for reinjecting the excess of power at the input of the induction cooker. The flat bifilar Tesla coil is connected on the halogen lamps as the loads like in a classical setup of the GEGENE, but "Romero UK" has added an additional coil to tap the excess of energy and close the loop via the GTI connected on the power grid. It is very interesting to observe that the system is able to synchronise itself at an optimal point and begins stable. "Romero UK" has demonstrated in his test that the GEGENE is able to light all the halogen lamps at the output while 150 W of additional power is reinjected to its input. So this test demonstrates that a closed loop system is now possible....

Congratulations to "Romero UK" for this excellent and ingenious experiment.

Below some screens shots of the "Romero UK" about the closed loop tests of the GEGENE :

Voici la vidéo des tests de "Romero UK" du GEGENE en mode bouclé

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