DLE-TEST02 : Measurements of the Voltage, the Current, the Phase shift with and without load
created on february 9, 2013 - JLN Labs - last update february 11, 2013
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February 11, 2013 - DLE-TEST02 : In this test, I have connected (with the power amplifier) the primary of the Zatsarinina transformer on the function generator GF467AF. A 6V/100mA light bulb can be linked to the secundary through a switch. The voltage is measured accross the primary with a x10 probe connected on the digital oscilloscope, the current is measured on the primary via the Ch2 (x10) via a 0.09 Ohm non inductive resistor Mundorf MR10. So, it is easy to observe the phase shift between the voltage and the current with and without a load connected at the output. The power input is computed in real time via the MATH channel of the digital oscilloscope.

Below the setup used in this TEST :

Measurements results

The sinusoidal function generator GF467AF is set to 11.3 KHz sinus (13Vpp).

Below the measurements done during the test, you may observe the phase shift between the voltage and the current with and without load...

There is no change between the voltage and the current and no change in the levels with and without load on the Zatsarinina transformer...

Below a video of the measurements done with the Zatsarinina transformer

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